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We have built unique log homes all over the world

Four Seasons Log Homes is a registered trademark owned by TP Wood Products Limited. TP Wood Products Limited is a timber house manufacturer with the headquarters and production facilities located in the Parry Sound Area Industrial Park

Seven Stars Trade Corridor Corporation, international trading, and investment company, today owns TP Wood Products Limited

Our design and engineering staff are committed to helping you create a home that not only suits your needs and budget, but reflects your personal style and taste. More important, we want to make certain that you enjoy the exciting and rewarding experience of building your own warm and inviting custom pine home

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We offer our customers more value than they expect and more than others can offer. We achieve this by delivering superior solutions. We must also offer operational excellence and two key aspects that are difficult to quantify but crucial to success: credibility and trust

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Custom Design
Custom Design
Fully customizable design is available to our customers thanks to professional architects who are able to reproduce any of your wishes. When you buy a home from us, we ship a package to you which will contain the materials for your entire home, the outside shell or some combination of these two. The contents of your package are determined by...
Our employees have extensive experience in the construction of a full cycle, as well as in the restoration and repair of buildings of varying complexity. You can always count on the professional execution of your orders, which is accompanied by professional drawings and calculations.
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Now in progress

Now in Progress - The Oceanview project

We are pleased to present you our new project, which we started building in summer, 2021. This is a fully customized house from the Oceanview series of our catalogue. Contact us for more information, quotation or purchasing this home

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Homes, designed by professionals
When you buy a home from us, we ship a package to you which will contain the materials for your entire home, the outside shell or some combination of these two. The contents of your package are determined by your needs and the type of building system you choose. Our specification sheets have all the details. We have three general packages to choose from:


produces home building material packages, using log and conventional wood building systems and construction techniques. Worldwide delivery

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The systems of smart home

You can make your home a little more livable, and a lot more automated, by adding appliances and devices you can control from anywhere

Our specialists will help you to provide this, and help with the service of installing such systems in your home

From the roots to modern technologies

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David and Brenda / The Homestead I
...we chose Four Seasons Log Homes for its unique combination of beauty and energy-еffісіenсу. As first-time builders, we appreciated the consulting time spent in the early design stages and the careful attention to detail that led to our finalized custom design
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Mr. Uraki / The Colonial II
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