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Four Seasons Log Homes is a registered trademark owned by TP Wood Products Limited. TP Wood Products Limited is a timber house manufacturer with the headquarters and production facilities located in the Parry Sound Area Industrial Park.  Seven Stars Trade Corridor Corporation, international trading, and investment company, today owns TP Wood Products Limited. 

The attraction of a log home goes far beyond its undeniable beauty. Only wood can create that feeling of comfort which is evident from the first moment you see a log home – a solid natural product, surrounded by and in tune with nature – the perfect formula for relaxation, serenity and peace of mind.

Today, discriminating log home purchasers want even more than beautiful, natural product. They demand the highest possible standard of quality, energy efficiency, design excellence and flexibility in their homes. By keeping pace with modern energy efficiency products and techniques, Four Seasons Log Homes has met that challenge. We have set standards of performance that far exceed the capabilities of the traditional log home.

We share your values and have engineered our log homes to satisfy your expectations. From the Canadian Arctic to the arid deserts of the Middle east, and as far away as Japan and Korea, you will find satisfied customers living in and enjoying their Four Seasons Log Homes. We take great pride in our worldwide reputation for delivering outstanding products that perform even under the most extreme climatic conditions.

We’ll be happy to advise you about the design options available for construction, help you with suggestions to modify them for your specific needs and lifestyle, or work with you to create a completely new design.

Our design and engineering staff are committed to helping you create a home that not only suits your needs and budget, but reflects your personal style and taste. More important, we want to make certain that you enjoy the exciting and rewarding experience of building your own warm and inviting custom pine home.

From the beginning, we have maintained that the quality of our product and the satisfaction of our customers are the most important aspects of our business. We often have home owners tell us how pleased they are with their Four Seasons Log Home or cottage, some of which have been in their families for over 30 years. We take great pleasure in knowing that 100 or so years from now, one of your descendants will be talking about how happy their family has been with their Four Seasons Log Home; a home that has been in the family for more than five generations.

We are looking forward to making one of our houses your home.

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