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When choosing a door for a four seasons home, the owner needs to figure on several factors all at once. Such home characteristics as the level of security, comfort, thermal insulation, and many others depend on this choice. After all, the door is where any house or apartment begins. Design and materials for the doors in your home are the things you should consider first.

 There is a variety of materials used for the door: 

• steel

• wood

• aluminum

• glass

• metal-plastic

• combined

• armored, fire retardant wooden doors 

Today, a widespread and highly demanded door type is that has a metal frame with layers like plastic, MDF overlays, and natural veneer. This is because an MDF covered metal door combines various functions: 

  1. Good thermal insulation (due to the use of materials with different thermal conductivity)
  2. Sound insulation
  3. High anti-burglary protection  
  4. Durability

A wooden door is an interesting topic that requires much attention


Since ancient times, people have been using wood as a building material in house construction. At its earliest version, the door looked like several sticks fastened together with a rope, and later with metal staples. a snub on one of the sticks served as a handle.   

With the invention of electric woodworking machines, people started to produce a bigger variety of construction materials. The doors, in particular, became more easily producible, functional, and stylish. Metal and wooden doors have always been competitors. And even though wood is inferior to the metal in some respects, when processed properly, wood products can last hundreds of years.

Aluminum, glass, metal-plastic doors appeared relatively recently, in the 20th century. New trends in architecture, construction, and design required diverse materials. Each door type has its niche in the market. Whichever the material, it is a matter of a competent designer to choose the door which will accentuate the style of your four seasons cottages & cabins.

As for armored, fire retardant, and other types of special-purpose doors, they should be classified as “special” products. Normally, the Code of Practice tells you what type of building they can be installed in, for example, in a bank, warehouse, working rooms, premises of state bodies that require enhanced security, gun shops, and others. 

There are significant differences between interior and exterior doors for eco log homes Ontario. First of all, it is the outer coating material, the lock, hidden locking mechanisms, and anti-vandal devices. You will unlikely install a reinforced combination lock, hidden door hinges, or a steel door frame to the kitchen or bathroom unless you are a night eater and need to block the access to the fridge in your kitchen. Just kidding. For connecting doors, there are special materials including paints and varnishes and metal parts (locks, handles, hinges, fasteners) suitable for the interior environment. 

Lacquer coating for the doors should match the whole concept of your home design. Depending on the style, the options are various impregnations based on beeswax, varnishes, or paints. For prefab log homes ontario we recommend choosing harmless coatings specially dedicated to the room purpose. You will always be on the safe side selecting green products, the components of which are listed on the label.            


These are main types of doors classified by the way of opening: 

  • Single swing doors. Most clients prefer this particular type because it is simple, convenient, and reliable. They can open in one direction (right or left), depending on the layout of the room. There is a so-called “cowboy” mechanism that allows you to open the door in both directions. This type of doors is the best option for bars, restaurants, and other related premises. They will look pretty nice in a home interior though. Luckily, everything is possible with modern materials and professional design solutions.       
  • Sliding doors or compartment doors. They are installed on one (running top), or two rails. They open to the right or left.
  • Doors for animals. Living with us, the animals need to feel at ease. You know, many pets, especially cats, have learned to open any doors. But nevertheless, there has to be a small door for your pet.  

When choosing such a door model, you need to take into account the height and weight of your pet so that it can freely enter or leave the house without your help. However, it is not safe if the hole is big. The solution is an electronic pet door that is easy to open by a pet but impossible to enter from the outside.  We hope this info will be helpful when it comes to a door choice. Visit our blog page for new facts about wooden homes construction. And feel free to contact four seasons log homes, we respond fast and to are happy to consult you on any home building issue.     

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