the Farmstead II

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the Farmstead II
the Farmstead II
* this house can be adapted to your requirements
Additional info
Bathrooms: 1
Garage: Yes (optional)
Area: 1000-1500 sq feet
Bedrooms: 1-3
Areas details
Total 137,40 m2 1479,00 sq2

The Farmstead is a relaxed country-style home with a simple roof line and inviting covered porches.
The enduring charm of this home continues in all three models.
The Farmstead I has a cathedral ceiling in the living room and a private porch of the main bedroom.
Serving buffet dinners from the kitchen counter makes entertaining a pleasure in the Farmstead II or III.
If you wish, this flexible design allows you to deveIop the space above the living room to create an extra bedroom.
The Farmstead is a wonderful family home with many possibilities.

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