the Habitant

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the Habitant
the Habitant
* this house can be adapted to your requirements
Additional info
Bathrooms: 2
Garage: Yes
Area: 1500-2000 sq feet
Bedrooms: 3
Areas details
Total 171,90 m2 1850,00 sq2

The steep pitched roof and curved eaves give the Habitant its distinctive and inviting Quebecois style.
A dramatic open foyer with overhead balcony conveniently accesses all the Spacious main floor living areas. The large kitchen with its abundant storage and direct access to the garage makes bringing in and storing the groceries easy.
Upstairs, a sunlit hall overlooking the foyer services a bathroom and
three bedrooms, including the spacious main suite.
The Habitant, with its captivating symmetry and flexible floor plan enjoys universal appeal.

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