the Skyview I

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the Skyview I
the Skyview I
* this house can be adapted to your requirements
Additional info
Bathrooms: 1
Garage: No
Area: 0-1000 sq feet
Bedrooms: 1-3
Areas details
Total 91,10 m2 980,00 sq2

The magnificent expanse of glass, cathedral ceiling and open concept design, create a luxurious feeling of spaciousness in the Skyview. Imagine sitting in front of a crackling fire watching the sunset.
An efficient kitchen, open to the dining room, and a spacious living room, make entertaining easy and relaxing.
Upstairs, the loft can become a family room, bedroom, or an extra room for overnight guests.
Extremely flexible, this design can be adapted to the needs of a small or large family. If you wish to start small it is ideal for future additions.
Family and friends will enjoy the relaxed and open atmosphere of the Skyview.

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