the Tradition

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the Tradition
the Tradition
* this house can be adapted to your requirements
Additional info
Bathrooms: 2
Garage: Yes
Area: 1500-2000 sq feet
Bedrooms: 3
Areas details
Total 171,30 m2 1844,00 sq2

The Tradition captures the timeless appeal of a classic Cape Cod design.
An open foyer with a view of the balcony above sets the tone for this
comfortable home.
The kitchen is the centre of the household and the natural flow of traffic to the living and dining rooms makes entertaining a pleasure. Family and friends can gather around the hearth in the spacious living room or have a quiet chat by the window. Upstairs,charming dormers create a cosy and comfortable feeling in the bedrooms.
This home has all the features that make the Cape Cod design such an enduring favourite.


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